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Hello I'm Tim!

I'm the Director & Head photographer of Bespoke Food Photography.

After working with hundreds of brands, I'm one hundred percent certain you're going to like the work we are going to build together.

A little about myself, I started working for a renowned marketing company as a photographer in 2014. Six months into my job, I was promoted to Head Photographer and was in charge of a team of thirteen professional photographers worldwide.

Today, I have also trained multiple international food photographers and worked with many chefs that allowed me to bring my craft to another level.

I was given the opportunity to work with many major clients such as Asian Food Channel, Subway International, Suntec Singapore and various other restaurants and cafés.

To date, I've shot over one thousand Asian recipes and dishes, met many local & international chefs, discussed directions & visuals for their dishes.

Shot Over 1000 Dishes & Cuisines

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