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Food styling is the essential “hair and make-up” stage of any professional food photography or food videography project, where items from your menu are dressed and primed for the perfect shoot. With Bespoke, rest assured that your signature dishes will be styled so that their unique charms are brought to the fore and their appetite appeal conveyed to your audience.

As creative professionals, we envision photographic outcomes and style the food accordingly. This involves translating not only the flavour and aroma of the actual dish visually, but also the traditions, techniques, recipes, lifestyles and inspirations behind it. Crafting culinary stories is at the heart of our profession.

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Treating each dish like a character

A fine-dining dish could be dressed like a debonair gentleman, polished and meticulously put together, whereas an item of local fare or street food could be warm and inviting, approachable and artless in its bearing. Your dishes are the personalities that carry the tone and atmosphere of your establishment.

Food Photographer Singapore Aisan Food Channel Steam Dumpling

Styling the food to last

We have handy tricks up our sleeves to make ice cream that doesn’t melt, drops of condensation that don’t move, piles of pasta that stay neatly in heaps, salad leaves that don’t wilt or weep, and steam that wafts forever. Food that doesn’t change in appearance over time makes for a smooth-running photo shoot.

Food Photographer Singapore Aisan Food Channel 10

Furnishing with subtle visual cues

To imply action or movement, we may include a cleverly placed fork that’s asking to be picked up or a lemon wedge that’s waiting to be squeezed. Carefully chosen colour palettes and props could also be used to suggest the seasons from which your ingredients were sourced.

Canned Food Photography Yifon Longan falling into Can

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