Usual Price: $3000

Professional food stylist 

Instant preview of Images
Studio lighting setup
All edited photos
Unlimited usage rights

1 Week fast delivery
No hidden fees

Complimentary Food Styling

Food Photography Behind the Scenes 2

High-end food styling at no extra cost

Superior styling sets up for successful photographic outcomes. Draw in customers with dishes that are dressed to impress. Our complimentary styling service will ensure that your menu is beautifully arranged and has aesthetic appeal, even before the photographer works with camera angles, lighting and editing software to enhance its appearance.

(Min $800 Value)

Bring the studio to you

Food Photography Behind the Scenes

Name Your Location And We'll Be There

We believe that situating a dish in its place of creation or where it’s meant to be enjoyed can add a sense of authenticity. With our portable studio equipment, we can accommodate your food photography needs, regardless of location. Cameras, tripods, backdrops and lighting kits will be prepared according to the requirements of the shoot. We will even absorb the transport cost!

($300 Value)

Instant Preview of Images

Food Photography Behind the Scenes 3

See Your Dish Come Alive Instantly

We are committed to ensuring that you are satisfied with the photographs, even prior to the editing stage. Our service includes on-the-spot previews of the raw images, and you are invited to do live quality checks. Feel free to offer some creative direction as well! Bespoke’s priority is to do your culinary story justice and we will pull out all the stops to get the perfect shots.

($300 Value)

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