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Dessert photography is one of our favourite types of food photography. Ice cream, cookies, bubble teas and cakes photography. Who doesn't like a good dessert, right?

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Why Bespoke Food Photographers?

Shooting desserts can be challenging. Cold desserts lose their shape quickly, especially ice cream and drinks.

Have the shot you want in mind before the shoot. This will minimise the time of the dessert on the table. Another tip is to take more photos of your dessert quickly from as many angles before sorting out later. This will help you capture your dessert at their "freshest" state.

Another reason to hire a professional food photographer is they come with high-end equipment and lighting setup. These gears are expensive. Let us do it for you!

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Proper lighting

Proper food photography lighting is extremely important. The best scenario for a dessert photoshoot is to turn off all restaurant's ceiling lights and use studio lighting. But sometimes the restaurant can't do that, because their customers are still around.

In order to counter that, we can brightened the studio light and moved the soft-box closer to the food, so that the other external tungsten lighting would be less likely to be in the picture. That is because tungsten light is orange while the studio light is white, shooting with different coloured lighting would make the final image look inconsistent in colour and less professional.

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Perfect Camera Angles

There are three different angles to shoot “top down”, “45 degrees” and “eye-level”.

Top down angle is a simple flat lay photo of the food on the table.

45 degree is the most natural looking shot as it looks like how you will get that dish served.

Eye-level shots give more depth into a photo, with a background, mid ground and foreground. Thus, making it look more cinematic.

One way to set up is having one key light at a close proximity to the subject at a 45 degree angle. This lighting effect creates a very cinematic look to the dessert with the foreground lit and the background dark and muted, to immediately draw the eyes into the center of the image.

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