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Cake photography is one category we enjoy shooting very much. Nothing beats giving the gorgeous cake the attention it deserves! Log cake, sponge cake, birthday cakes, moon cakes, you name it. You can hire a food photographer in Singapore for your food companies, home bakes and entrepreneurship venture.

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Fully Guided From Start Till End

The start of a shoot requires immense planning. We'll check with you what theme they are going for, will there be props on location? what sort of cuisine and what kind of feel you like.

Once that is established, we will pass you some samples of our works that's in line with what you want, Once that is done, we will gather and arrange the required equipment and props.

On the day itself, we will setup our professional lights and cameras & style your food beautifully. Once all that is in place, we'll take the first shot to check the exposure and lighting direction, this process usually requires a few takes to get it perfect. When that's done, I will show you the photos before we start our actual shoot of your cake.

Why Choose Bespoke Food Photographer?

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Top-class Food Styling

Professional food styling can make your cake stand out! Adding cream into the cake to make it look fuller, using a blow torch to give burnt cheesecake its unique burnt look, arranging ingredients around the cake to emphasise on what is used and more.

We will also choose appropriate backdrops, props, plates, utensils & ingredient to make your photo look gorgeous.

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Get Instant Preview of Images

We will set up a laptop, tethered to our camera, at your location. You will be able to instantly see your cake photos after we shoot. If you'd like to make any changes on the spot, we will be able assist you. The experience working with us will be fun and seamless.

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Bespoke food photographer will help you get the mouth-watering cake photos you desire. Let's work together to capture the attention of your clients and increase your sales.

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